"Thank You begins with T." was created as a token of appreciation for the friends, family, clients, and colleagues of Grow. 
Each of the "thanked" received a unique URL that opened a personalized version of the website, thanking that person and inviting him to select a free "T" of his choosing.
The website featured the entire Grow team, each creating on the screen in front of them a drawing that would integrate with the site.  Upon completion, the drawings activated, allowing visitors to interact with team members in a variety of engaging ways.  The site's video was shot in-house in HD.
Beyond a means to send t-shirts to our supporters, the website helped bridge our location gap, introducing our full team to the people with whom we work daily but have often never met in person.  In barely two months from its launch, more than 120,000 visitors became face-to-face familiar with our team—a vast jump from the small audience we sent it to ourselves, and a very successful self-promotion by all measures.
Make tough Gabe become a chicken.
Watch Sonya proof the site.
Draw on Josh and send him the picture.
Eric Yourself
Play Pong with BJ and Darius
My Role: Creative Lead, Art Direction, Design, Film, UX/UI, Copywriting
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