Matt Clack, Head of Creative for Google Brand Studio APAC, is currently working to bridge the gap between the grind of product marketing and elusive beauty of Brand.

Clack leads teams of amazing creative directors, art directors, designers, technologists, motion designers, data experts, film directors, and smarties — helping to make Google's brand make sense with the help of creativity, storytelling and technology.

Great story telling, Great Ideas, Great commitment & Energy. Bolo would not have got the love and attention without Matt and team's tireless ideation, iterations & outstanding design work.
Nitin Kashyap, Product Manager of Bolo (Now Read Along)
Matt is a fully committed, caring and imaginative leader. He is generous with his time, his effort and his praise, and has effectively been the architect of the creative team's success over the past 2 years. He is sensitive and empathetic, an utterly Googley creative and the least cynical creative lead anyone has ever worked with. His team rightfully respects and follows his leadership as he continues to fight for better work, for growth and for more scope. He is a tireless advocate for what's best about Google, and certainly for what's best about Brand Studio. 
"There's hardly a title worthy of what Matt brings to a team, and I'm lucky to have had him at Grow for more than eight years helping define the company, its culture, and its work. Matt is a prolific creative thinker and a natural team leader. There's hardly a person on earth Matt can't instantly befriend, and this goes immeasurably far towards building a tight team, brainstorming for difficult problems, and building strong client relationships. You can see Matt's stamp in nearly every project Grow ran during his time here. His ideas are big and unexpected, but grounded in a great understanding of digital platforms and technologies. Matt’s excitement for creating exceptional work is matched by his strong drive and work ethic to deliver it. For all the things Matt does wonderfully in his profession, he’s an even better friend, and you’ll be lucky to have him in your life."
Passionate, energetic, driven. Matt is an exceptional creative director that any team would be lucky to have. He is a great leader and mentor and is able to think uniquely about any creative assignment. I was very happy to have worked with him on several award winning digital and social campaigns. He brings a positive attitude and team collaboration approach which brings out the best in everyone! I'd happily hire him again and I do hope our paths cross again.
Matt is the go-to person for all my creative asks. His love for creativity, passion and commitment towards his work is commendable and something which is hard to find. He is a true asset to our organization and a gate keeper for our brand. So clear in his thoughts and his vision, he helps PMMs to project manage and make things happen. I cannot think of Brand Studio without Matt
Sumita Kaul, Google Product Marketing Manager
Matt has been a great partner as "creative wizard", enabling Consumer Apps Marketing team to have ideas to break through challenges we have. The notable example was the Lens activation at Fuji Rock. We were struggling to come up with the activation ideas with Hakuhodo team, but after him joining the team, he gave us full of creative thoughts and drove the project working with other Brand Studio team given the limited timeline and resource. As a result, this Lens activation has been frequently referred as a great case study internally and externally. I really embrace this kind of his scrappy approach especially for new features which we don't have a golden formula yet. 
Kazu Shimizu, Google Product Marketing Manager
Matt is an incredible creative. He's got a knack for taking small insights and crafting them into amazing experiences. He has great attention to detail and really understands how users interact with digital. I was very fortunate to be able to collaborate with him on several projects at Grow. I hope to get to work with him again sometime soon.
Matt knows how to pull the best work out of his team. He’s collaborative and curious about everyone’s skill sets, knowledge base, and strengths–not only on agency side but is as caring with the clients as well. Projects were a joy to work on. Matt develops trust and promotes growth in his team members; he delegates problems to solve for and ideas to communicate–as opposed to simply shuffling the execution down the pipeline. His process gets to the heart of what I love about visual communications and equipped me with a sense of purpose. Matt leads employees as people and not mere units of production. You can expect to have happy employees with a person like him around because he’s kind and treats everyone with respect. That’s value that money can’t buy. I’m glad to have worked with Matt Clack: he’s a mentor I won’t forget.
Matt is one of a kind. He thinks beyond the tactical creative concepts and about how the big creative idea fits strategically within the campaign, as well as the end user experience. That is just one of the reasons why his work is so successful and ingenious. He is beyond modest when he could be cavalier about his exceptional artistic talents. He brings endless enthusiasm and inventiveness to every project, and never stops imagining. Working with Matt is special, and knowing Matt is ever more special.
Writing a recommendation for Matt Clack is like trying to describe planet Earth in a travel brochure. There’s just too much awesomeness on so many different levels. First, Matt’s a force of nature with killer creative instincts. As a leader he’s inspiring, motivating, and best of all entertaining. Matt is just as fantastic with clients as he is with his creatives. On our NIKEiD project, he was able to walk into a very strategically challenging situation at the last minute, guide the entire team, manage the client, shoot a spot on limited budget, and ensure the final product was as pristine as it was engaging. Can’t wait to work with Matt again, and everyone else start lining up!
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