↓↓↓ Please turn up the volume ↓↓↓
Now is the time to stay home. 

Time to stay in and read a book, 
Learn a new language, 
Call someone you miss. 
Time to look at your pot plant 
It’s good to take time.
It’s ok, a sunny day will come. 

It’s good to listen to the voice of people from countries far apart. 
To think about thanking people who are tirelessly working to get this city and the society going. 
To think about how you can support your favorite restaurant. 
To realize how you are connected with the world is good. 

Time to cherish your pet, 
your hobby, 
Your kids, your art,
Your solitude, your chaos, 
Whatever makes your house your home. 

Time to cook again. 

Time to talk silly, talk serious, 
Time to talk through it. 

Time to plan for a trip instead of actually going.

Time to dream of “after”, 
when we can all start again.

Now is the time to take the 
time for what really matters. 
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