Mobile Case Study
Inspired by Coca-Cola's timeless Hilltop ad, we created web-enabled vending machines that let everyone "Buy the world a Coke."
This experience showed that a little gesture of friendship between two strangers can create more harmony in the world. You can decide where you want to send a Coke by selecting one of many machines located around the globe then add a custom video or text message to personalize their Coke delivery.
A dynamic video with Google Maps, Street View, and composite motion graphics shows the Coke's journey from the viewer's current location to the vending machine across the globe.
Once the Coke is delivered, recipients are not only treated to the generosity of a stranger thousands of miles away, but they can also say “thanks” by sending a message of their own back to the user. That message is delivered to the user’s inbox where they can read the note and view a video clip of the recipient’s surprised reaction upon getting a free Coke.
 YouTube videos combined the sender's message and the message from the thankful recipient.
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