Burberry Kisses explores the universal theme of love through the kiss—one of the most iconic and personal symbols of human emotion. The cross-platform experience invites users to capture their actual kiss with a webcam or mobile device, customize it with a Burberry Kisses lip color, then send it to a loved one anywhere in the world. Each kiss travels through a Burberry-inspired, WebGL journey, passing familiar landmarks, skylines, and streets. The journey ends with a real-time visualization of love letters being sent throughout the world.
An identical, cross-platform experience.
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Some of the tools and technical innovations include:

On desktop, you can capture your actual kiss with your webcam. An innovative algorithm combines the latest lip detection and image manipulation techniques in real time to detect your kiss, accounting for variable lighting conditions, webcam qualities, skin tones, and lip shapes. On mobile devices you are asked to literally kiss the device to capture your personal kiss.

The experience is rendered in modern browsers without any extra plugins. In a journey personalized for each kiss, you can watch real love letters fly in stunning 3D, from the sender to the recipient.

We captured skylines from around the world using the world’s most robust 3D mapping tool. You see kisses fly in hundreds of cities all over the globe.

We added more realism to the journey of every kiss by reflecting dynamic StreetView images from Google Maps on the puddles that fill the city street scenes.

Every kiss is delivered to the right place using a combination of the Google Geocode and Google Places API. We added even more personalization by creating street sign scenes based on a real intersection near a local, recognizable landmark in your loved one’s city.

Burberry Kisses works across every screen. Rich animations in Canvas, CSS 3D, and Javascript bring everyone's love letters to life across devices.

The World of Kisses view uses Google Maps locations to show every kiss sent from the platform in real time with a mesmerizing 3D visualization.

In this new and innovative format, you can participate in a fully-functional, immersive experience from a display ad without leaving the website you’re viewing.

We used the advanced WebP format to enhance and optimize WebGL textures, creating the lightest load times possible without sacrificing rich visuals.

Burberry Kisses is part of Google’s Art, Copy & Code initiative, which aims to help shape the future of advertising with new forms of expression and brand engagement. The campaign is a groundbreaking connection between emotion and technology. It captures the romantic view of the world that threads throughout the iconic British brand, and makes luxury beauty more accessible to Millennial consumers. In just the first 10 days, kisses were sent from over 13,000 unique cities, traveling more than 109 million miles.
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